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How to make me a happy editor

All those years ago I had no idea what I was really doing when I stumbled into writing erotica, and less so when I stumbled into editing it. But the past few years I’ve been getting my act together and realizing that part of my purpose in this field is to publish new writers. That is a thrill like no other in the literary world, even my own byline. I save room for new writers in each anthology and that motivates me to keep on editing them. So seeing this post by Hungry for More contributor Jocelyn Dex warmed my heart. She writes:

This is the first anthology I’ve ever been a part of. “Just Once” is my contribution and it’s…um…pretty racy stuff. I’d never written a ménage before and didn’t settle for a threesome, I went straight for the foursome. Three guys and one woman. I still blush when I think about it.

I am heading off in a few days for my month of readings and writing workshops in Seattle, Portland (Oregon), Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland (Maine), Chicago and Milwaukee, and prepping for my first online erotica writing class (all details are on my website), and hope to get all my students submitting sexy stories so they can have their first anthology publication (and hopefully longer pieces too) sooner rather than later!


Writing is my morphine


It runs through my veins and when it hits, I feel delirious from the high, slapping down the keys furiously and deliberately. I’ll be absorbed in the dream, strung out on words and phrases, and something to make me forget about the world around me.

Just forget.

When it’s over I’m not quite clear on what’s real and what was just part of my sleepy-eyed mess.  What just happened? I don’t know.

Then the cravings start I need it more and more until I can reach that high again.

And it hits.


I was already thrilled to be partnering with Unbound Box, creator of sexy quarterly mail order boxes, for their Erotic Education Box (use SUBMISSION10 for 10% off!) which means The Big Book of Submission is cozied up with many sexy items, including a ruler (how awesome is that?), but now I get the added bonus of being part of an unboxing video by Subscription Box Mom, who also reviewed the entire box. Yay! Small businesses FTW. This made an already great week even better for me.

Pornography is such a charged word. It’s supposed to mean “about sex,” but it carries a negative connotation, i.e. “it’s about sex and it’s BAD!” Whether people mean it’s bad writing or bad for society or what. Meanwhile, “erotica” sounds literary. Not everything I write is “literary,” but it is all about sex, sexuality, and the sex act. To me it’s a very, very feminist thing to write about sex because women’s desires and women’s sexual power have been so suppressed and quashed. You can’t have “women’s liberation” without women’s sexual liberation. When women are sexually empowered, they aren’t shamed into silence about harassment.
"To walk into a place and see people looking at their screens with a blank stare, it takes away just kind of the community aspect of it — of you being in a place with other people," Whalen says.
"No Laptops, No Wi-Fi: How One Cafe Fired Up Sales," by Annie Russell, NPR (I’m posting this from a different Burlington, Vermont cafe, actually, but this article came up when I was looking for wifi options this morning)

Seattle kicks off my tour on September 6 and September 9

I’m counting the days til I hope on a plane to Seattle to kick off my 11-flights-in-a-month book tour. I’ve had such wonderful experiences in Seattle, visiting friends, doing readings, eating cupcakes, walking across the city, seeing great theater, and look forward to doing it again.

If you know anyone who’d like a free erotica reading or may get something out of an erotica writing workshop, please let them know. Below are the Facebook and Fetlife links if you care to spread the word. A reminder: my September 9th erotica writing workshop is only $23 in advance (plus a small fee) or $30 at the door, so don’t dawdle if you want to take it! 

September 6th free erotica reading: Facebook and Fetlife

September 9th erotica writing workshop: Facebook and Fetlife 

September 6, 3:30-4 pm
Free erotica reading in Seattle

Readings from The Big Book of Submission, The Big Book of Orgasms and Hungry for More with me and local contributors.
Center for Sex Positive Culture Annex, 1608 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 

September 9, 7-9 pm
Erotica 101 writing workshop, Seattle

Professional erotica author and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of over 50 anthologies such as The Big Book of Orgasms, Flying Highand Best Bondage Erotica 2014, will take you through the ins and outs of modern erotic writing, from getting started, finding your voice, and incorporating your surroundings, pop culture, and personal experiences into your stories to crafting a range of characters and settings and submitting your work. In this supportive, welcoming workshop environment, you’ll learn how to write vividly about everyday scenarios as well as outlandish fantasies, and make them fit for particular publications in the thriving erotica market. This workshop will address the recent boom in erotica inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey, provide examples of well written erotica, and will include multiple writing exercises. You’ll be given a handout listing major markets and further reading suggestions. No previous writing experience required. Please bring laptop or pen and paper. 18+ with ID. $30 at the door/$23 in advance. Get tickets at Stranger Tickets.
Center for Sex Positive Culture Annex, 1608 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119